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June 2012

Fabric pouch featured in the Puces Pop blog as part of the Montreal Puces Pop 2012!

January 2012

Banner necklace makes into the AMAZING photo shoot on dailyroutine.blogspot.ca

August 2011

Featured in Brownout Magazine as part of an article for Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington

August 2011

Featured on the Freshest Goods tumblr as part of the Manifesto events in Toronto!

July 2011

Featured in "Landelben" a German Print Magazine

July 2011

Featured on the Pretty Freedom blog!

May 2011

New item feature for Pretty Freedom!

May 2011

Moved to Toronto and set up shop in the Kapisanan Centre pop-up shop!

March 2011

New Item feature for Pretty Freedom!

January 2011

New Item feature for Pretty Freedom!

November 2010

Featured in the Vancouver Sun newspaper as part of the Make It! Event in Vancouver!

November 2010

Featured on the Pretty Freedom blog!

March 2010...

Featured in Canadian Living Today (a Filipino-Canadian magazine) Written by Gian Karla Limcangco

February 2010...

Featured in Guttersnipe news, written by Rachel Fox.

September 2009...

Killabeez.com feature on Its Your Life shop !

August 2009...

Featured Blythe Doll dresses in the foxy Catherine Mangosing's MyTurtleNeck Design blog!

July 2009...

Featured on the Got Craft blog!

April 2009...

Featured in the Vancouver Sun blog for the Earth Day Event at Metrotown

March 2009...

Featued on Vitamin Daily Vncouver

December 2008...

Featured in article written by Michelle Sproule about the Got Craft event!

September 2008...

Cameo necklace featured in Solo Lisa

July 2008...

Windmill earrings featured on Cuteable!

June 2008...

Featured on the missgworld French fashion blog- it was a custom necklace made extra long :D

May 2008...

Unicorn earrings featured on knotsme blog

April 2008...

Featured in the Goodie Bag for Got Craft!

October 2007...

Featured as a favorite etsy shop in an article written by lovely Lisa Lam of U-Handbags.com

August 2007...

Featured in CHIC TODAY. Find my featured design in the 'Cameo revolution' Section.

June 2007...

In Beyond Robson spot for the Fab Fair.

May 2007...

Threadbanger.com video tutorial featuring me! and Simon who was camera and editing. Super fun!

May 2007...

Featured on Little Splurge!

March 2007...

Interview in Beyond Robson

February 2007...

Featured in Modish!

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